There is much substance to Substance Designer

There is much substance to Substance Designer

Today is Wednesday and I am waiting for a friend. We will leave for Islamabad soon.

So, talking about my project I would say so far it's been pretty awesome week related to Naranville.

Naranville saw substantial improvement because of Substance Designer. I heard about Substance long time ago but didn't really get a chance to tinker with it. Now that I have made 4 materials in it, I found it pretty damn awesome.

Especially, me being a programmer owe my Thanks with all the trumpets and whistles to Allegorithmic.

Making procedural materials is hell lot of fun and I am really enjoying it. For now I don't have any samples of my tinkering at hand. I will share them later.

Meanwhile you can see latest updates at my twitter page

Hey wait, I was poking this Ghost app here and there and found few images on device. You are lucky.

Do you like it... or hate it?

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