The problem of cropping images

2 years ago, I was working on a product where I had to process images in bulk. It took me 45 minutes to do the entire processing. One of the prime problems was about cropping images.

My requirement was to get all images in square shape regardless of the original aspect ratio. I had to open all images in Gimp and crop the desired area manually and resize to my desired proportions. It took me quite some time. At least 13 seconds per image.

I tried to find some good tools for bulk image cropping. I needed something that is smart. Most of the tools would just crop from the center of the image. I needed something that takes care of the subject and crops accordingly. Photoshop's context-aware feature might have helped but first purchasing photoshop and then writing a batch action to do the bulk processing is too costly.

I decided to make the tool myself. A simple and smart easy-to-use image cropper.

I wrote one

I have built upon the tool to add more features that I desired. One is to use one image and get all the social media image sizes. Now, it has the ability to get one image and crop it so that it can be fitted into twitter's cover, facebook's cover, youtube channel's cover, and respective feed sizes.

One click to rule them all!

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