Rating people

I have been working on awktr on and off for a year. It started with an idea of improving humanity's standard by making people more open and honest when relaying feedback.

Idea was to create a yelp but for humans. Evil, right? Wrong. My intentions are well meaning.

I, along with a partner, created a basic version anyways. The entire premise is that you can rate people on different metrics. After a bit of testing it amongst people, I have found that people like it at first but then they see no point. No point in returning back and continue rating people on random things. Adding a "point" to it has been a challenge and I don't have an answer.

The project was built quickly in the start on web and a mobile web version. We had redo everything as a mobile app because Apple doesn't support push notifications on iOS web. Without push notifications there was no real retention mechanism. We redid the entire client side in mobile. It got dragged a lot. I had to learn Flutter first.

The entire premise has been pivoted multiple times and we are not settled.

From a system to evolve humanity into next phase -> to a platform for personal growth -> to a platform to find like minded people -> to a mechanism to know yourself. My most recent attempt is going to make it about knowing yourself and then showing yourself.

To be continued...

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