Quick tinkering with light!

Quick tinkering with light!

I did toss last blog post here and there out to the cruel world.

You know what? I did get some bad comments which couldn't be deleted. However they could have been undone ;D

But I didn't, so here are top comments:

"Where is light?"

"You need to learn to make normal maps"

"Do you know about ambient occlusion? "

"Can't see no shadows"

So, I sat down, did some tinkering with light so that normals can be seen and here are few results.

Yes, I can see glitches here and there. It's all dynamic light. Draw distances need to be adjusted. I will do that later.

Need to fix models and their thickness first and tada... maybe all glitches are gone into thick air.

Pardon the sorry selves of sprite-like-but-still-subsurface-scattering trees!

See you around!

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