Migration from Wordpress to Ghost

Wordpress is bloated and a clunky piece of software. It is ridiculously popular and serves so much of internet but it's all over the place.

I hope new Google's SEO changes puts an end to it and other bloated site builders.

We definitely need some innovation in the site builders.

For blogging needs, Wordpress is certainly an overkill.
Blogging is coming down to simplest of the forms. Check this out

Wordpress is also responsible for so many crappy websites out there.

I understand that it serves a large user base that is not very technical.
But me, as a software engineer, should not stick to it.

The WYSWIG editors are mostly WYSIWYNG editors.

I decided to move away from Wordpress for this blog. Some of the options were

  • Completely custom code for blog (Time consuming)
  • Medium (I don't like the platform anymore)
  • Ghost Pro (Pricey)
  • Self hosted Ghost

I went for the last one. Self host Ghost on AWS EC2. It was a bit pricey as compare to my Wordpress installation but I was all in for it.

I like ghost. For writing needs it's 30 times better than Wordpress.

My Wordpress installation is full of ads and plugins with even more ads.
For every feature, you need a plugin that links to 3 other plugins.

Ghost's SEO is straight forward and I love it.

Writer is in markdown. Best thing ever and it's so minimalistic.


Ghost's themes are typically found in Github repositories. +1270 points for this. You can fork and modify.

Installation of theme is, basically, giving a link to the Github repository.

Life is much better now.

Self hosting was easy. Let me know if you need any help with it. Shoot me a message here.

Ghost Pro, in my opinion, is too expensive.

Ghost themes are few and high quality.

In Wordpress, there are probably more than 100,000+ themes but you can't find a simple minimalistic theme for your writing needs which doesn't have bugs.

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