Finally, all the planning paid off!

Finally, all the planning paid off!

Hello everyone!

Last time I told you this week is going pretty great and here is a perfect end to a perfect week.

Have a look!

So, it's all in shape and full workflow is defined now. Creating towns is easy now. I can literally pick a house, duplicate it, rotate and place in new spot and it won't be obvious.

Have a bird eye look!


Check this alley


Yet another beautiful building

Herbalist's place

All of this is highly modular. One atlas is used for main texture and one for "wear and tear". Wear and tear is done using vertex color.

The moss on roof and wood and wattle peaking through daub is all done by vertex painting in Unreal.

Town is looking pretty nice now. Next to make it better I need some more variations in walls and windows. Fix unwrapping issues at some places. Make nice streets, paint terrain. Put more props, etc, etc...

Of Course the list is infinite.

I also need to work on terrain, foliage. I have to purchase SpeedTree for that.

Currently, I am not sure what I will do next. Probably, read some savage memes and think nihilism is ultimate truth. Lel... kiddin!

I am gonna hit the bed. Bye bye!


Let me know how bad it looks in the comments section. I would love to delete such comments.

See ya!

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