All the products I've ever attempted

This post is and will remain a work in progress. These are all the products I have attempted so far. All of these are/were failures.

1. ArcElf

A tower defense game. Attempted in 2016.

2. The Evil With Inn

A story of a hitman who does serial killings in an Inn. Attempted in 2016.

3. BladeFury

A realistic sword fighting game. Attempted in 2017.

4. Perfumer of the Naranville

A story of a perfumer who shapes the destiny of Naranville using his perfumes. Attempted in 2017.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles Empire

A jigsaw puzzle game. Attempted in 2017.

6. BulkImageCrop

An online tool to crop images in bulk. Attempted in 2021.

7. awktr

A platform for personal growth. Attempted in 2021.

8. ImageCompressor

An online image compression tool. Attempted in 2022.

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